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Suga to make “diplomatic debut” in U.S.

Nikkei gave prominent inside-page coverage to Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga’s U.S. visit that begins today, focusing on his planned meeting with U.S. bankers and hedge fund managers in New York at which he is likely to give a detailed briefing on Abenomics. A number of MOFA officials will reportedly accompany him, including a diplomat who previously served as the prime minister’s official interpreter. The daily took up a growing view held by LDP parliamentarians that the “unusual” diplomatic tour by the chief government spokesperson perhaps is indicative of his desire to seek the LDP presidency, although he has reportedly underscored that he has never desired the post. The paper added that the USG is expected to roll out the red carpet for him, explaining that in addition to Secretary Pompeo and Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan, Vice President Pence will greet him even though he ranks below the Vice President in diplomatic protocol.  


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