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Abe to visit China later this year

This morning Mainichi front-paged a story saying that coordination is underway between Japan and China for Prime Minister Abe to visit China in August or December to attend an annual trilateral summit also involving South Korea. While the Chinese have reportedly proposed that a three-way meeting be held in either in August or December, the Japanese side is rather negative about the idea of holding it in the summer due to the prime minister’s planned participation in the G7 summit in France and the TICAD (Tokyo International Conference of Africa’s Development) in Yokohama. The Chinese have also reportedly stressed that the Japanese leader should visit China ahead of President Xi’s trip to Japan as a state guest. The paper noted that Abe is committed to attending the trilateral summit irrespective of the timing in order to strengthen bilateral relations, projecting that the two governments will discuss details of the two leaders’ reciprocal visits when the Chinese Communist Party’s top official responsible for foreign affairs Yang Jiechi visits Japan later this week.  

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