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G20 agriculture chiefs discuss use of artificial intelligence, robots to increase productivity

  • May 13, 2019
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All national dailies reported today on a two-day G20 agricultural ministerial that ended in Niigata on Sunday. The participants released a communique emphasizing the importance of using artificial intelligence and robotic technology to increase agricultural productivity amid the looming shortage of food around the world. They also reportedly pledged mutual efforts to reduce food waste by improving food distribution networks and address climate change, which has a significant impact on agricultural production.


Japan’s Agriculture Minister Yoshikawa reportedly met with his U.S. counterpart Perdue ahead of the start of the G20 confab on Saturday. The U.S. official sought the early opening of the Japanese market to U.S. farm products through the bilateral trade talks since American farmers have been disadvantaged by the effectuation of the TPP and the Japan-EU EPA, while Yoshikawa asked for the lifting of bans on products from Fukushima and insisted that tariffs on agricultural products cannot be lowered beyond the level set under the TPP and other existing trade agreements.

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