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U.S. raises tariffs on all Chinese products due to deadlock in trade talks

  • May 12, 2019
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All national dailies ran prominent reports on Sunday saying that on account of the failure of the two-day U.S.-China ministerial trade talks in Washington to reach an agreement, the U.S. invoked additional tariffs on imports from China on Friday and plans to further raise tariffs on all remaining Chinese products on Monday. The papers voiced concern that this will not only seriously hurt U.S. consumers but may also plunge Asian supply chains into chaos.


Yomiuri reported on Saturday morning that Trade Minister Seko commented on Friday that he is still hoping for progress in the U.S.-China trade talks. With regard to concerns that the impasse in the U.S.-China talks might cause the U.S. to press for an early trade agreement with Japan, Economic Revitalization Minister Motegi emphasized that the two sets of talks are different in nature and substance and that the talks with Japan will not be affected.

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