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JNN poll shows rise in cabinet support rate

TBS reported today that a JNN opinion poll conducted on May 11 and 12 showed that the Abe cabinet’s support rate stood at 57.4%, up by 4 points from last month, while the disapproval rate dropped by 3.1 points to 40.3%. Regarding the shift in Prime Minister Abe’s stance on holding a summit meeting with the DPRK’s Kim Jong Un from setting the condition that “the summit must contribute to a solution to the abduction issue” to “without any preconditions,” 45% of respondents voiced disapproval, exceeding the 40% who approved of the change. The poll also found that 57% were opposed to increasing the consumption tax rate to 10% in October, while 35% supported the tax hike. Some 81% of the pollees said they had feelings of affinity toward the new emperor, while only 10% said they did not; 78% of respondents were in favor of female emperors, while 11% opposed the idea; and 89% approved of the previous emperor’s abdication.

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