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58% “following” Upper House election, NHK public opinion poll

Ahead of the Upper House election to be held in summer, NHK asked respondents to its May public opinion survey how interested they are in the election and a total of 58% said they are “interested.”


The nationwide survey was conducted by NHK over the three-day period of May 10–12 on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis and targeted men and women aged 18 or over with calls placed to landline and mobile phone numbers. Valid responses were received from 1,260 of the 2,333 people polled. The valid response rate was 54%.


Asked how much there are interested in the Upper House election to be held in summer, 16% said there are “very interested,” 42% said they are “somewhat interested,” 29% said they are “not very interested,” and 8% said they are “not interested at all.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to meet with Workers’ Party of Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un without preconditions to settle the abduction issue. Some 39% said they “praise” his determination, 16% said they “don’t praise” it, and 37% said “neither.”   


This year Japan had an extended 10-day Golden Week holiday. A total of 25% said it was “good,” 29% said it was “not good,” and 39% said “neither.” By gender, 32% of men said it was “good,” surpassing the 25% who said it was “not good.” 33% of women said it was “not good,” surpassing the 18% who said it was. By age, the younger the generation, the more respondents said it was “good.” The percentage of those who said it was “not good” increased with age.

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