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Ginowan mayor asks U.S. to decide on timetable for return of MCAS Futenma

NHK reported this morning that at a news conference yesterday, Ginowan Mayor Matsukawa, who is visiting the U.S. from May 13, said that through his meetings with senior U.S. officials of the State and Defense Departments he was able to confirm that Japan and the U.S. share the view that the construction of a replacement facility in Henoko, Nago, is the only solution to the Futenma base issue and that both countries are aiming for the early return of the base. Matsukawa disclosed that when he asked the U.S. government to decide on a timetable for the return of MCAS Futenma, State and Defense Department officials expressed regret for not being able to do so, but said they would like to come up with a policy direction at an early date. Matsukawa will visit Hawaii on May 16 to make the same request of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

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