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U.S. may ask Japan to restrict auto exports

  • May 16, 2019
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All papers reported online on a Bloomberg article speculating that the Trump administration may ask Japan and the EU to adopt quantitative restrictions on their auto shipments to the U.S. market in exchange for postponing the proposed tariffs. Pointing out that the GOJ is strongly opposed to adopting a quota on auto exports, the daily projected that if the U.S. makes such a request, it will become a “hot potato” in the upcoming trade liberalization negotiations.


Asahi took up remarks made to the press by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga this morning when he was asked about the Trump administration’s purported plan to ask Japan and the EU to limit auto exports to America. The government spokesman reportedly said: “We are aware of the news report, but will not comment on it since the U.S. government has not made such an announcement.” He cited the joint statement released by President Trump and Prime Minister Abe in New York last September saying that the two nations will “refrain from taking measures against the spirit of this joint statement” during the process of bilateral trade consultations, underscoring that the premier confirmed directly with the President that additional tariffs will not be imposed under Section 232 [of the Trade Expansion Act] on autos or auto parts.

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