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Expert discusses impact of U.S. ban targeting Huawei

  • May 17, 2019
  • English Press
An expert on China’s economy believes the impact of Washington’s move to ban US firms from selling electronics parts to Huawei Technologies will initially be limited.


Jianmin Jin, a senior fellow at Japan’s Fujitsu Research Institute, spoke about the decision by the US to target the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker, announced on Wednesday.


Jin noted that similar action by the US against another Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, ZTE, had a crippling effect on that firm.


He predicts Huawei will be protected to some extent because it uses many of its own semiconductors.


He pointed out that Huawei anticipated the US move, and prepared for it by reorganizing its global supply chain.


The firm has been calling on its suppliers to make their products in China. It has also settled a long-running patent dispute with South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.


But Jin said the ban will likely start to impact Huawei’s products in about six months’ time.


Electronics parts makers in Japan and South Korea supply many components to Huawei.


Jin said if the US pressures other countries to tighten the screws on Huawei, Japan could find itself in a bind.

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