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U.S. effectively bars Huawei from purchasing U.S.-made components

  • May 17, 2019
  • , All national papers
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All national dailies reported extensively on the Commerce Department announcement on Wednesday that it has officially placed Huawei on the Bureau of Industry and Security’s “entity list,” effectively barring the company from buying components from U.S. companies without government approval. The papers also reported on an executive order signed by President Trump on Wednesday that prohibits U.S. companies from using foreign information technology and services deemed a national security risk, speculating that the order will pave the way toward a total ban on doing business with Huawei.


Sankei wrote that the GOJ is responding calmly to the Commerce Department announcement. Nikkei quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as telling a regular press briefing on Thursday that the GOJ is aware that ensuring cybersecurity in 5G networks is critically important and that Tokyo is closely watching the moves of the U.S. government. The paper quoted an unnamed GOJ source as saying, however, that Japan may not act completely in concert with the United States because there are geopolitical differences between the two nations. Asahi quoted an unnamed GOJ official as expressing concern that the U.S. policy of excluding Huawei could have a major impact on Japanese companies’ global supply chains.

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