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Japanese firms join offshore oilfield development

  • May 17, 2019
  • English Press
Nine Japanese firms are set to cooperate with major US and European oil companies in research and development of offshore oilfield services.


The Japanese firms agreed to undertake joint studies on 10 Japanese technologies with some of the world’s top oil companies. The Nippon Foundation, which has experience in marine business, supported the deal.


The announcement was made in Houston, Texas, which is home to many oil-related businesses.


The 10 technologies include Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ autonomous underwater robot, which aids work on the ocean floor.


Optical networking technology developed by Shimadzu Corporation enables communications with robots and other equipment over distances underwater.

Nippon Paint Marine has a newly-developed coating that resists rust.


The Nippon Foundation says the number of items to be studied will be narrowed down to about a half after around a year of joint research.


The International Energy Agency estimates that 10 trillion dollars will be needed by 2040 to ensure a sufficient supply of oil around the world. About 30 percent of the budget is expected to be allocated to offshore oilfields.


The Japanese companies are hoping to find opportunities for their businesses through the joint project.

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