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Japan lifts age restrictions on beef imports from U.S.

  • May 18, 2019
  • , Nikkei
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Saturday morning’s Nikkei wrote that on Friday the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare lifted Japan’s age restrictions on beef imports from the United States by removing a ban on beef from cattle older than 30 months for the first time since the measures were imposed in 2003 to counter BSE. The paper wrote that the health ministry also lifted similar restrictions on beef from Canada and Ireland. The paper noted that the food safety commission of the Cabinet Office reached a conclusion in January that the risk to human health would be negligible even if the restrictions were removed. The paper wrote that concern is growing among American ranchers that their products are becoming less competitive in the Japanese market because Japan has been incrementally lowering tariffs on beef imports following the effectuation of the TPP and the Japan-EU EAP, while tariffs on its beef imports from the United States have remained at high levels because the United States has left the TPP.

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