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President Trump, PM Abe to agree on U.S.-Japan cooperation in lunar exploration

  • May 20, 2019
  • , Nikkei
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Monday’s Nikkei front-paged a report claiming that President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are expected to sign an agreement on U.S.-Japan cooperation in lunar exploration and other space-related projects when they meet in Tokyo on May 27. The paper wrote that Japan will begin preparations for joining the U.S. project to put a manned space station into lunar orbit to use as a base for missions to the moon and strengthen cooperation with the United States in monitoring space debris and other objects in space. Saying that this will be the first time for the U.S. and Japanese leaders to conclude an agreement on lunar exploration and monitoring space debris, the paper conjectured that the United States and Japan will strengthen their security cooperation by continuing to take the lead in the use of outer space in view of rapid technological development by China and other nations.


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