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Ban on drone flights likely to be enforced over Okinawa bases

Ryukyu Shimpo led with a written response provided by U.S. Marine Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC) to its query about Japan’s recent revision of a law regulating drone flights. The Marine authorities reportedly indicated that they will probably not permit drone flights over bases in Okinawa because they may pose a danger to the facilities and local residents. The paper interpreted this comment to mean that the U.S. military will reject requests by media outlets for overflights by drones near Camp Schwab for the purpose of photographing FRF construction.


In an accompanying article, the daily asserted that although the GOJ amended the law as a measure to head off terrorist acts, the U.S. military is apparently set to cite the new Japanese statute in order to ban drone flights in the vicinity of military installations so as to shield base operations from media scrutiny.

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