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Japan urges South Korea to reject comfort women lawsuit against GOJ

All papers wrote that the GOJ conveyed to the South Korean government yesterday a message on a suit filed with a Seoul district court in 2016 by former comfort women seeking the Japanese government to pay compensation. The GOJ reportedly said the lawsuit must be dismissed on the ground of state immunity, a key component of international law that gives sovereign states immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign courts.


In a related development, Prime Minister Abe reportedly held talks with South Korean Ambassador to Japan Nam at the Kantei on Tuesday and urged the Moon administration to take proper measures to resolve the requisitioned workers dispute. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga separately met with the ROK envoy and asked that Seoul heed Japan’s request for the launch of a three-member arbitration panel to iron out bilateral differences regarding the matter. 


Mainichi wrote that Foreign Minister Kono will hold a meeting with his ROK counterpart Kang on the sidelines of an OECD ministerial conference in Paris tomorrow to discuss the history dispute.

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