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Okinawa leader calls for trilateral dialogue with GOJ, USG

  • May 22, 2019
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
  • JMH Summary

Tokyo Shimbun gave top play to an exclusive interview with Okinawa Governor Tamaki on Tuesday. He reportedly reiterated strong opposition to the FRF initiative off Camp Schwab. He was quoted as saying: “The central government is moving ahead with the construction operation without specifying the timeframe, construction method, or budget. It is inconceivable for a public works project to be carried out without informing the relevant local government.” Tamaki called for the GOJ and the USG to set up a three-way consultation venue on Futenma relocation by saying: “Trilateral dialogue between Tokyo, Washington, and Okinawa would be the most realistic and speediest way to resolve problems related to MCAS Futenma.”

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