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Amano develops new type of semiconductor

  • May 22, 2019
  • English Press
A Japanese Nobel Prize-winning physicist says his team has successfully produced a high-quality semiconductor using a material also used in blue light-emitting diodes.


Professor Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University is one of the three scientists who shared the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for their contributions to the development of the diode.


Amano told reporters on Wednesday that devices being developed with the material, which is called gallium nitride, are approaching the quality needed to be sold commercially.


Amano said that the gallium nitride semiconductors are now available to university researchers and company engineers through a service provided by his team.


Experts say the use of gallium nitride in amplifiers and other electronic components can cut power consumption by more than 10 percent compared with mainstream silicon technology.


Amano’s team also says it is on track to develop integrated gallium nitride semiconductor circuits, which could lead to more compact and energy-efficient products.


Amano called on other researchers to accelerate their research and development, based on the high-quality gallium nitride semiconductors his team provides.

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