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U.S. helicopters conduct “rehearsal” over Tokyo in preparation for presidential visit

Asahi wrote in its city news section that five U.S. military helicopters landed at and took off from Hardy Barracks in central Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon, speculating that they were conducting a rehearsal ahead of President Trump’s upcoming Japan trip. After taking off from Hardy Barracks, the five choppers reportedly headed to the golf course in Chiba where the two leaders are expected to play on Sunday. One accompanying color photo showed a Marine helicopter landing at Hardy Barracks, while another showed four others parked at a golf course. 


In a related story, Mainichi wrote that the GOJ decided on Wednesday to prohibit drone flights over Haneda Airport, Mobara Country Club in Chiba, the Palace Hotel Tokyo, and other locations where President Trump is expected to visit during his stay. It added that Prime Minister Abe plans to host a private dinner for the President at a Japanese-style barbecue restaurant in Roppongi on Sunday.  


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