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Abe “insisted” on hosting President Trump as first state guest in Reiwa Era

Mainichi gave prominent inside-page play to President Trump’s Japan visit that begins on Saturday, underscoring that Prime Minister Abe was extremely keen to invite the U.S. leader to Japan as the first state guest in the Reiwa Era in a bid to elicit U.S. support for resolving outstanding decades-long diplomatic issues facing Japan such as North Korea’s abduction of Japanese nationals and the Northern Territories dispute with Russia. The premier reportedly instructed his deputies to come up with unique ideas for entertaining the President during his visit in the hope of pleasing him and calling global attention to the ironclad bilateral alliance.


While noting that Abe has been successful in forging strong personal bonds with the President and using them effectively to advance Japan’s national interests, the daily claimed that their political honeymoon may not last since the U.S. leader may choose to step up the pressure on Japan to obtain better deals on trade and other matters as “candidate Trump” in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.     

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