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President Trump to arrive in Japan tomorrow

Sankei led with a report on President Trump’s visit to Japan starting on Saturday as the first state guest in the Reiwa Era. The paper speculated that Prime Minister Abe will reiterate his hope for the President to help realize his meeting with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un to resolve the abduction issue.


The paper quoted an unnamed senior Trump administration official as telling reporters by phone on Wednesday that the purpose of the President’s trip to Japan is not to focus on trade. However, the official reportedly added that the President intends to stress the importance of free and fair trade.


Yomiuri and Nikkei reported on the details of the President’s itinerary in Japan, including playing golf and watching sumo with Prime Minister Abe on May 26, holding bilateral talks with Abe and attending a state banquet on May 27, and visiting the MSDF ship Kaga in Yokosuka. The papers also reported on the tightening of security measures ahead of the presidential visit in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including Haneda Airport, Chiba Prefecture, where the U.S. and Japanese leaders are expected to play golf, and Kanagawa Prefecture, where they are expected to visit the MSDF ship.

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