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U.S., Japan trade officials hold talks ahead of summit

  • May 26, 2019
  • , All national papers
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All national dailies on Sunday wrote that USTR Lighthizer and Economic Revitalization Minister Motegi held talks on Saturday evening ahead of the summit to be held between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe on Monday. The papers wrote that according to sources, the two officials discussed tariffs on farm products and autos. The papers wrote that Motegi told reporters afterward that the two sides deepened their understanding of each other’s positions and views, but added that they are not ready to announce any type of agreement at the summit on Monday. Yomiuri wrote that the two officials agreed to make efforts to reach an agreement at an early date. Motegi reportedly said that he held a candid discussion with USTR Lighthizer. Sankei wrote that although the two nations had hoped to achieve progress in their trade talks ahead of the summit, their differences were not narrowed, quoting Motegi as telling reporters that the two countries are unlikely to reach an agreement at the summit. Nikkei wrote that Motegi indicated to the press that differences remain over tariffs on agriculture products and autos. The paper also wrote that Motegi told reporters that numerical restrictions on auto trade and the currency issues were not discussed.

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