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President Trump, PM Abe hold bilateral talks

NHK and all commercial networks reported on the bilateral talks held between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo this morning. At the outset of the meeting, Abe said he hopes to have in-depth discussions on North Korea and other global challenges and the economic relations between the United States and Japan and coordinate bilateral efforts to make the G20 summit a success. The premier also expressed hope that the President’s visit to Japan will demonstrate to the world that the bonds of the U.S.-Japan alliance will continue to be strong in the Reiwa Era. The President said that the relationship between the United States and Japan has never been better than it is now.


On the economic front, NHK quoted the President as reportedly saying that there is a tremendous trade imbalance between the United States and Japan and that the two nations are making efforts to rectify it. He was also quoted as reportedly saying: “Trade-wise, I think we will be announcing some things probably in August that will be very good for both countries… Japan has been doing much more business with us and we’d like to do a little bit more business in the reverse.”


Concerning Iran, NHK quoted the President as reportedly saying that he understands that Japan has a very good relationship with Iran and that he believes that Iran would like to talk with the United States. The President reportedly added: “We’ll see what happens. Nobody wants to see terrible things happen.” The network interpreted this remark as an expression of expectation for Japan’s role as mediator.


All national dailies reported online on the bilateral talks between the U.S. and Japanese leaders, highlighting the President’s remarks that there will be an announcement on U.S.-Japan trade talks in August.

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