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Japan allegedly asked President Trump to visit Japanese warship

On President Trump’s visit to JMSDF Kaga this morning, TV Asahi claimed that for several years the Abe administration had been trying to arrange for the U.S. leader to visit a Japanese destroyer in a bid to demonstrate to him that Tokyo is committed to boosting Japan’s military forces in coordination with the U.S. military. As the Japanese destroyer and its sister ship will soon be refitted to accommodate F35s, the report said the President was given an opportunity to witness firsthand Japan’s accelerated efforts to operate a military platform that can house several of the U.S.-made stealth fighters, which Japan plans to introduce at a total price of above 2 trillion yen ($1.83 billion).  The GOJ reportedly hoped that with his visit to Kaga the President would learn of Tokyo’s intention to procure American defense equipment in large volumes and hence mitigate trade pressure on Japan. The GOJ was also reportedly hopeful that its efforts to steadily empower its self-defense forces would enable the U.S. to divert some of its military resources away from North Korea to deal with China and Iran, which the broadcaster speculated are areas of more pressing concern for the Trump administration at the moment. 

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