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LDP lawmakers: No summit with ROK without requisitioned workers issue arbitration panel

NHK reported today that many participants in a LDP meeting of divisions concerned with foreign affairs this morning expressed the view that Prime Minister Abe should not hold a summit meeting with ROK President Moon on the sidelines of the G20 next month unless South Korea agrees to submit the wartime requisitioned workers issue to an arbitration panel. The ROK has not responded to Japan’s proposal on convening the panel. Former Foreign Minister Nakasone was shown stating at the meeting that the ROK is shifting the blame to Japan, not acting in good faith, and “treating Japan with contempt,” so no bilateral summit should take place unless the ROK agrees to submit the issue to an arbitration panel. Other participants said Japan should tell the ROK that no summit is possible with the bilateral relations in their current state. A MOFA official who attended the meeting said the ministry is still considering whether or not to hold a summit.

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