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American father arrested for allegedly injuring his daughter

  • May 27, 2019
  • , NHK digital , 7:41 p.m.
  • JMH Translation

An American man was arrested in Utsunomiya City [Tochigi Prefecture] for allegedly striking his eldest daughter, a pupil in the fifth grade, and scalding her with hot water. The father poured hot water on her neck.


Arrested was a 56-year-old American man who runs a lodging facility in Nikko City in the prefecture. According to the police, on the night of May 26, he struck his daughter in the back and abdomen with a rod-like implement and scalded her by pouring water from a hot bath on her neck at the lodging facility in the city. The charge is the infliction of bodily harm.


As the daughter disappeared immediately after the abuse, the father with his wife contacted the police. The police launched a search before dawn on May 27 and found her in a nearby public lavatory .


The daughter told the police, “My father hurt me,” whereupon the police arrested the man. In response to police questioning, the father said, “She did not listen to me, so I disciplined her,” acknowledging the charge.


The suspect’s wife said that she was in the same building on the night of May 26 but not aware of the abuse. The police are investigating the possibility that the father abused his daughter on a daily basis.


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