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Ambassador Hagerty, Senator Blackburn call for U.S.-Japan coordination on 5G

Sankei front-paged an op-ed on trans-Pacific cooperation on 5G jointly penned by Ambassador Hagerty and Republican Senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn. In the piece entitled “Approaching 5G: Tech Ties Cement Japan-U.S. Bonds,” they underscored that in rolling out 5G infrastructure, the U.S. and Japan are strongly committed to safeguarding free speech, privacy, and other human rights, noting that in contrast, the Chinese government monitors its people’s communications to stem opposition. While noting that the U.S. and Japan need to cooperate to defend their communications networks from potential disruption, manipulation, or espionage, the authors welcomed recent decisions by the Japanese government and mobile phone carriers to build open, transparent, interoperable, and secure 5G infrastructures by prohibiting the use of communications equipment that poses a national security risk and using trusted technology vendors only. As the Trump administration has already adopted similar measures, the authors said the U.S. and Japan are determined to defend their people and corporations from unfair and harmful Chinese economic practices. The two officials stated in conclusion that clear bilateral alignment will “provide the certainty and scale that market-driven technology companies need to deepen and accelerate their capital investment” in this critical arena. 

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