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Defense Ministry suspends R&D of defense equipment due to “China risk” concerns

  • June 6, 2019
  • , TBS
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TBS reported today that it has learned that the Defense Ministry is currently unable to implement its budget for research and development of defense equipment, including R&D for converting the Izumo-Class destroyers into virtual aircraft carriers, because a company affiliated with the consulting firm that the ministry normally contracts out work to has hired a Chinese woman as one of its executives, arousing concerns regarding the possible leakage of defense secrets. With the U.S. banning the use of Huawei products due to security risks, the ministry also revised its rules for bidding on R&D contracts last month in response to  “China risk,” taking into account the employment histories, nationalities, and other biographical details of contractors, and this has resulted in the current delay in the bidding process.

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