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Japan Lower House slams Maruyama for war gaffe

Tokyo, June 6 (Jiji Press) — The House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Japan’s parliament, unanimously adopted Thursday a resolution to denounce lawmaker Hodaka Maruyama for his recent gaffes, including one suggesting war as a way to take back four Russian-held islands.


The resolution urged Maruyama, formerly a member of opposition Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Innovation Party), to immediately decide his course of action, apparently regarding his position as a Lower House lawmaker.

But the motion, adopted at a plenary meeting of the Lower House, is not legally binding. Maruyama has reiterated his intention not to resign.

The resolution is the first one to condemn a lawmaker that has been passed as far as existing records show, according to the secretariats of the two chambers.

Maruyama was expelled from Nippon Ishin for the inappropriate remarks he made while he accompanied former Japanese residents on a trip to one of the disputed islands, collectively called the Northern Territories in Japan, under a visa-free program last month. During the stay, he also got into a scuffle with other members of the delegation when he attempted to go out from his accommodation in the evening although they were not allowed to do so.

The resolution pointed out that the remarks by Maruyama have seriously hurt Japan’s national interests and ruined the dignity and the authority of the Lower House.

It also claimed that Maruyama is unfit for work as a lawmaker.

The ruling and opposition parties jointly presented the resolution after withdrawing motions against him that they had respectively submitted to the Lower House.

Maruyama has been elected to the lower chamber three times since 2012.

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