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Japan reportedly distancing itself from U.S. position on tanker attacks

  • June 17, 2019
  • , Jiji Press
  • JMH Summary

Jiji Press reported in a dispatch on Monday evening that the Japanese government is avoiding taking sides regarding the U.S.’s claim that Iran was responsible for the attacks on two tankers last Thursday and is reluctant to raise the issue at the G20 summit because it wants to avoid compromising its friendly ties with Iran. Jiji said that a Japanese government source referred to the U.S. intelligence analysis on Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction that led to the Iraq war, asserting that Japan cannot “unreservedly accept U.S. claims.” A former cabinet minister from the LDP reportedly even suggested the possibility of a U.S. conspiracy behind the tanker attacks. Jiji quoted observers as saying that since the investigation will take time, the Japanese government may have to continue taking an ambiguous position on the issue.

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