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Chinese envoy voices support for Abe’s desire to hold summit with Kim Jong Un

Yomiuri front-paged an interview with Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou, who said the Chinese government will do everything it can to support Prime Minister Abe’s efforts to arrange a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un without preconditions. Speaking on President Xi’s planned summit with Abe in Osaka next week on the sidelines of the G20, the Chinese diplomat reportedly projected that the two leaders will exchange views on a range of topics. Asked about the operations conducted by Chinese government vessels in the vicinity of the Senkakus, the ambassador reportedly defended them as legitimate and justifiable, stressing that the operations have been carried out in a restrained manner.   

While quoting Ambassador Kong as saying that a “reasonable approach” should be taken to realize a state visit to Japan by President Xi, the daily conjectured that Beijing apparently regards such a trip by the Chinese leader as premature perhaps because of the GOJ’s moves to exclude Huawei from the 5G market.

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