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Toshiba and U.S. AECOM to collaborate on decommissioning

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) announced on June 17 that it has concluded an agreement with AECOM, a U.S. building and engineering firm, to collaborate on decommissioning services for nuclear power plants in Japan. Toshiba ESS, which has been collaborating with AECOM since 2014, formally concluded an agreement on collaboration with the U.S. company. Through the collaboration, Toshiba ESS aims to be able to promptly respond to decommissioning plans of power utilities.


AECOM is headquartered in the State of California and develops infrastructure businesses across the world. The company manages engineering, architecture, design and consulting services. It also has a wealth of experience with decommissioning. By combining Toshiba’s nuclear power-related technology with AECOM’s technical know-how, the U.S. firm aims to flexibly respond to relevant projects from the drawing up to implementation of the decommissioning plan.

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