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Opposition to submit no-confidence motion against the cabinet

Asahi, Mainichi, and Sankei reported on Saturday that Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan leader Edano has decided to submit a motion of no confidence against the cabinet before the Diet adjourns on June 26. He reportedly plans to meet with the other opposition leaders on June 24, with the aim of submitting the motion to the Lower House on the next day so it will not coincide with French President Macron’s visit from June 26. Mainichi noted that the opposition camp made this decision after Prime Minister Abe reiterated to Komeito leader Yamaguchi on Friday that he had no intention to dissolve the Lower House, dispelling their concern that a no-confidence motion would trigger a dissolution. Yomiuri ran a similar story on Sunday.


Meanwhile, all national papers reported on Saturday that a censure motion submitted to the Upper House and a motion of no confidence submitted to the Lower House against Finance Minister Aso were both rejected on Friday, and a censure motion submitted to the Upper House against Abe is expected to be voted down by the ruling parties on Monday.

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