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No progress made on peace treaty in Abe-Putin summit in Osaka

All Sunday morning papers reported on a summit meeting held in Osaka on Saturday afternoon between Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Putin at which they agreed to continue bilateral negotiations for a proposed peace treaty. The papers wrote, however, that no major progress was made in the session toward resolving the Northern Territories dispute. The two leaders agreed to implement as early as this autumn some of the planned “joint economic activities” on the contested islands.  


Yomiuri projected that Japan will have no choice but to prepare for prolonged peace treaty negotiations in the hope that Moscow will eventually agree to compromise on the territorial dispute if Japan continues to offer economic support for infrastructure development on the four islands. The paper speculated that President Putin will try to accommodate Japan’s calls for continued peace treaty negotiations in order to seek Japanese business investment in eastern Russia and to prevent Moscow from becoming internationally isolated due to its schisms with the U.S. and Europe.  

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