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FNN poll shows ruling parties likely to win majority of seats in Upper House election

Fuji TV reported at noon today on the results of an FNN opinion poll held on July 6-7 showing that the LDP is projected to win a total of nearly 60 seats in the Upper House election on July 21, while Komeito is expected to keep its 11 seats in the electoral districts and proportional representation segments, enabling the ruling parties to win a majority of the 124 seats up for grabs. However, Nippon Ishin [Japan Innovation Party], a party in favor of constitutional revision, may not be able to hold on to its current number of seats, so it is uncertain if the pro-constitutional amendment forces will be able to control a two-thirds majority in the Upper House. The CDPJ is seen performing well both in the electoral districts and the proportional representation segment, winning twice the number of its present seats, while the DPFP is expected to lose some seats.

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