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DM Iwaya comments on sharing Aegis Ashore data with U.S. forces

NHK reported today on comments made by Defense Minister Iwaya at a news conference this morning on the Aegis Ashore system that Japan is planning to deploy. He reportedly indicated that in case ballistic missiles fired by North Korea or another country could seriously affect Japan’s security, Japan will share data from the Aegis Ashore radars with the U.S. so that the two countries can jointly respond to the situation. He further said that if the DPRK launches missiles targeting U.S. bases in Hawaii and Guam, Japan can exercise its limited right to collective self-defense and intercept the missiles as long as an attack on the U.S. is determined to also threaten Japan’s survival. According to NHK, Iwaya said that while Aegis Ashore is being installed primarily for Japan’s defense, it is “natural” to share Aegis Ashore data with the U.S. forces in a situation affecting Japan’s security because the U.S. is an ally.

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