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25% say they are “very interested” in UH election and 47% of those age 18–19 say they will “definitely vote,” Asahi poll

According to an Asahi Shimbun public opinion poll, 25% of all respondents said they are “very interested” in this July’s Upper House election. This is slightly lower than the 29% found in the poll conducted at an equivalent time prior to the 2016 Upper House poll and the 30% found in the equivalent poll conducted prior to the 2013 Upper House election. Voter interest in the upcoming election is still not high.


A plurality of 67% of all respondents said that they will “definitely vote.” Those saying they will vote tends to be slightly higher than the percentage that actually turns out to cast a ballot (constituency segment). In the 2016 poll, 68% said that they will “definitely vote” while the actual turnout rate for all voters was 54.70%. Some 47% of those age 18–19 said they will “definitely vote,” which is lower than the 49% who gave that response in the 2016 poll.


The Asahi Shimbun conducted the opinion poll at the same time as its poll probing views on the upcoming Upper House election.


[Polling methodology: The Asahi Shimbun reached 59,270 landline phone numbers of households across the nation with a voter present and received valid responses from 30,010 individuals between July 4 and 5.]

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