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Journalist questions Abe’s “behind-the-scenes” talks with President Trump  

Asahi front-paged a column by its political news editor Fujita, who voiced doubts about what he saw as Prime Minister Abe’s inclination to hold discussions on critical subjects with President Trump behind the scenes. Fujita focused on press remarks made by the President in Osaka on June 29. The president reportedly disclosed that over the last six months he has been telling Abe that the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty is an “unfair agreement” and that “he knows that.” The journalist said no Japanese official except the premier knows when and where such conversations took place, conjecturing that the two leaders probably exchanged views on the treaty either during their one-one-one meetings or on the golf course when their staff members were not present. While explaining that Abe has aggressively sought “tête-à-têtes” and golf engagements with the President to court his favor, the writer speculated that doubts about the nature of the bilateral alliance may have arisen in the U.S. leader’s mind during those informal private conversations. The reporter urged Abe to provide credible accounts of what was discussed in those one-on-one meetings.

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