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Noon news

  • July 10, 2019
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NHK led with a report saying that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford revealed yesterday that the U.S. is in contact with its allies on forming a coalition of the willing to ensure freedom of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz. NHK said that at a news conference this morning Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nogami refrained from commenting on this or answering a question on whether Japan’s SDF will participate in this operation if requested by the U.S. TBS reported that President Moon held a meeting with the leaders of 30 major companies and business groups this morning to discuss “emergency measures” in response to Japan’s curbs on semiconductor material exports to the ROK. NTV aired a follow-up report on the death of Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of the talent agency Johnny & Associates, yesterday. Fuji TV gave top coverage to an accident in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, this morning in which a bus hit a subcompact car. TV Asahi filed a follow-up report on a man who fled in his car yesterday in Kumamoto City when the police called to search his home.


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