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27 pct say Abe should call Lower House election, Jiji poll

Tokyo, July 12 (Jiji Press)–In a recent Jiji Press survey, 27.2 pct of respondents said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should dissolve the House of Representatives for a snap election before the completion of his current term as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party at the end of September 2021.


Meanwhile, 33.1 pct said Abe should not call an election for the all-important lower chamber of parliament, while 39.7 pct said they cannot take a position or they do not know which course is right.


The view that Abe should call a snap Lower House election by the end of September 2021 was backed by 29.7 pct of LDP supporters among the respondents and 29.4 of supporters of Komeito, the LDP’s junior coalition partner.


Opposition supporters seemed much more eager for a snap election during Abe’s current term as LDP leader, with 52.1 pct and 62.5 pct of those backing the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People, respectively, saying that Abe should follow this course.


Of respondents who support no particular party, 23.6 pct called on Abe to dissolve the Lower House, and 33.2 pct urged him not to this.


The survey covered 2,000 people of 18 or older across Japan in the four days through Monday. Of them, 61.7 pct gave valid responses.

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