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Assistant Secretary Stilwell holds news conference in Misawa

Sunday’s Mainichi, Yomiuri, and Sankei reported on Assistant Secretary of State Stilwell’s news conference on Saturday held after he visited Misawa Air Base. Mainichi quoted him as stating that the U.S.-Japan alliance needs to change constantly to adapt to the regional situation. He reportedly indicated his intent to engage in wide-ranging discussions with Japan, including its share of support for the alliance going forward. Mainichi and Sankei noted that he did not disagree with President Trump’s statement on the one-sidedness of the security alliance, quoting him as saying that the alliance needs to adapt to new threats. Mainichi also reported that Stilwell said that it is important for the two countries to focus on their shared interests and that he would like to work for the mutual benefit of both countries. Commenting on the importance of the Misawa base, Stilwell was quoted by Mainichi as explaining that while the Soviet threat has disappeared, it is necessary to deal with a rapidly nuclearizing North Korea and China’s rise, so Misawa remains important for rapid forward deployment in an emergency. Yomiuri said he reiterated the need for the Japan-U.S. security alliance to adapt to changes in the environment.

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