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Incoming U.S. Navy chief comments on “Operation Sentinel”

Thursday evening’s Yomiuri reported on remarks made at the Senate on Wednesday by U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Gilday, who has been nominated as the next chief of naval operations. He reportedly commented on the initiative known as “Operation Sentinel” that the Trump administration is aiming to launch to protect sea lanes in and around the Strait of Hormuz. While noting that not many U.S. ships pass through the strait, the senior Navy official was quoted as saying: “The coalition is going to be 80 or 90% a coalition effort and a much smaller U.S. effort…. It is primarily focused on providing intelligence support to the rest of the coalition. The idea is for the regional partners to bear the lion’s share of the burden.”


In a related development, Yomiuri also highlighted the disclosure by Defense Minister Iwaya this morning that three SDF officers took part in a U.S. briefing on Operation Sentinel organized by CENTCOM  in Bahrain on Wednesday. The minister said Japan will decide whether or not to join the coalition while closely monitoring the local and international situations. 


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