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Japan allows first export of semiconductor material to ROK under new controls

  • August 8, 2019
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NHK and all commercial broadcasters reported that Trade Minister Seko told a news conference on Thursday that his ministry has granted permission for a material used in producing semiconductors to be exported to South Korea for the first time since it imposed tightened controls on exports of such materials to South Korea last month. Seko was quoted as saying that the ministry granted permission after confirming through careful examination that there are no security concerns in exporting the material. He said that although the ministry usually does not disclose information on individual exports, it made an exception this time to counter the ROK government’s “unfair” accusation that Japan is imposing an export ban. The trade minister added that Japan hopes that South Korea will understand that Japan took the step for the purpose of trade control. The minister warned, however, that Tokyo could expand the scope of materials subject to tighter export controls if Seoul’s security management of the exports is inappropriate.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press separately that the tightening of controls is not an export ban and that the granting of permission today demonstrates that Japan is not setting rules arbitrarily.


South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said in Seoul on Thursday that his country has confirmed that Japan has granted permission for exports of photoresist, which is one of the three materials subject to Japan’s export controls. However, the ROK premier expressed the view that Japan’s “economic attack” on South Korea was unfair and that his nation will step up its diplomatic efforts to have Japan retract the measure.

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