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Japanese, ROK vice foreign ministers may meet tomorrow

Asahi claimed that arrangements are being made for the vice foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea to meet informally in Manila tomorrow, projecting that the two diplomats may discuss the ongoing trade and history disputes and explore the possibility of convening a session between Foreign Minister Kono and his ROK counterpart Kang in Beijing in late August. 

The daily added, however, that whether the vice-ministerial talks take place will depend on the content of a speech that South Korean President Moon is expected to deliver today to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the Korean Peninsula from Japan’s colonial rule.


On a related note, all national papers reported that the ROK leader apparently chose not to criticize Japan in a Facebook message he posted yesterday for a ceremony to commemorate the government-designated “Comfort Women Day.” “We will share with and distribute to the international community a message on peace and women’s human rights,” wrote Moon, who chose not to attend the event this year. “We will do our best to restore the dignity and honor of the victims.” Asahi speculated that he avoided using tough rhetoric against Japan in a bid to pursue a “diplomatic solution” to the bilateral friction.

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