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  • August 19, 2019
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NHK and NTV led with reports on yesterday’s mass protest in Hong Kong against a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to China. TBS, TV Asahi, and Fuji TV reported on the arrest in Osaka yesterday of a man suspected of intimidating driving in Ibaraki, Shizuoka, and Aichi.


Top stories in national dailies included a plan by the GOJ to launch in the mid-2020s a satellite with the ability to disable foreign military satellites (Yomiuri), growing competition in outer space between the United States and China (Sankei), moves in the international community to set guidelines banning robotic weapons equipped with AI from launching attacks without human intervention (Asahi), a plan by the Land Ministry to relax conditions to promote the redevelopment of aging housing complexes (Nikkei), and a finding that 40 unauthorized medical facilities conducted blood-based prenatal screening to detect chromosomal abnormalities (Mainichi).

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