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Ministry to seek space-station project funds

  • August 27, 2019
  • English Press

Japan’s science ministry plans to request budget funding in the next fiscal year to join a US-led space station project.


The project calls for a space station called Gateway to be put into orbit around the moon. The planned completion date is 2026.


Japan’s government aims to officially announce its participation by the end of year.


The ministry plans to seek about 15 billion yen for the project, or over 140 million dollars, in the fiscal year starting April 2020.


About two-thirds of the budget will go toward upgrading the country’s unmanned cargo spacecraft, called Kounotori, for use in the project.


The rest of the money will be used to develop an unmanned lunar rover in cooperation with India, and life-support systems for astronauts.


It will be the ministry’s first budget request for this project.

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