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U.S. reportedly continues to urge ROK to maintain GSOMIA with Japan

NHK reported this morning that at a meeting with NHK and other media outlets yesterday, an unnamed senior U.S. State Department official criticized the ROK’s decision to scrap its GSOMIA with Japan because the move will undermine the existing high level of U.S.-Japan-ROK security cooperation and could weaken the U.S. Forces Korea and the South Korean armed forces. This official reportedly said that while the chances for maintaining the Japan-ROK GSOMIA have been significantly compromised, “all is not lost” and it is still possible to revert to the status quo, revealing that the U.S. is continuing its efforts to persuade the ROK not to scrap the accord. Commenting on the fact that Japan and the ROK will have to share military intelligence through the U.S. after the GSOMIA is scrapped, another senior State Department official reportedly pointed out that this would be “difficult” and “ineffective” and would be “practically useless” in a contingency, stressing that the GSOMIA should be maintained in order to deal with North Korea.

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