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Japan envoy to help resettle Rohingya returnees

  • August 28, 2019
  • English Press

The Japanese Embassy in Myanmar has begun cooperating with the Myanmar government in resettling Rohingya returnees.


More than 700,000 Rohingya people, who are a Muslim minority in Myanmar, have fled their homes to neighboring Bangladesh following violent clashes triggered by a military crackdown on Rohingya militants two years ago.


The governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh have agreed on a program to repatriate the refugees, but the program has yet to get underway properly.


More than 250 Rohingya returnees are estimated to have returned surreptitiously without due process since April last year.


The Myanmar government asked the Japanese Embassy to help investigate the fate of those returnees.


On Tuesday, Japanese Ambassador to Myanmar Ichiro Maruyama and other officials interviewed 12 Rohingya returnees at an administrative center in the northern part of Rakhine state.


The 12 said they have lost their homes and are now staying with relatives. They said they want to make a living by farming or fishing, and called for assistance to fulfill their hope without fear of being attacked again.


The ambassador said the embassy will identify what kind of assistance is needed, provide advice to the Myanmar government and coordinate efforts with related UN agencies.

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