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  • September 3, 2019
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TBS led with a report saying that Cho Kuk, ROK President Moon’s nominee for justice minister, denied allegations of corruption against him at a news conference yesterday. TV Asahi reported on the arrest of a Vietnamese technical intern on suspicion of murdering an elderly man and injuring his wife in Ibaraki Prefecture on Aug. 24. NTV aired a report on the arrest of a man for walking a bicycle in the wrong direction on the Metropolitan Expressway on Sunday. NHK reported that major beef bowl chain Sukiya has decided to sell eat-in and take-out beef bowls for the same price after the consumption tax rate is raised to 10%. Fuji TV gave top coverage to criticism of the online resale of limited-edition products from Tokyo Disneyland at exorbitant prices.


Major front-page items in national dailies included a GOJ proposal to deploy a warship to the Middle East for intelligence gathering separately from the U.S.’s maritime security initiative, a report that Prime Minister Abe is mulling tapping Fiscal and Economic Policy Minister Motegi as foreign minister in the upcoming cabinet reshuffle next week, and allegations that a senior official of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau leaked the details of a bill on clinical trials to a pharmaceutical company executive.  

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