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  • September 4, 2019
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NHK led with a report saying that British Prime Minister Johnson declared that he will call a general election if the parliament passes a bill to further postpone Brexit. TV Asahi and TBS reported on localized downpours in Yokohama last night that caused flooding and power outages in many places. NTV aired a follow-up report on yesterday’s traffic accident in Kobe. Fuji TV gave top coverage to a report that sumo wrestler Takanofuji will skip the autumn tournament this month because he has been accused of assaulting his attendant on Aug. 31.


Major front-page items in national dailies included the beginning of the trial of a mother who was accused of causing the death of her daughter, Prime Minister Abe’s plan to shuffle his cabinet next Wednesday, companies’ limited use of government subsidies to allow employees suffering from cancer to continue working, and major fast-food companies’ measures to deal with the planned consumption tax hike in October. 

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