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Okinawa prosecutor decides not to indict deceased U.S. serviceman for murder

  • September 9, 2019
  • , Okinawa Times , p. 27
  • JMH Translation

In April this year, a U.S. serviceman and a Japanese woman were found dead in an apartment in the Kuwae district of the town of Chatan in Okinawa Prefecture. The woman was a resident of the apartment. The U.S. serviceman was Gabriel Alfredo Olivero, then a 32-year-old sergeant of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion under the 3rd Marine Division (Camp Schwab). The case was referred to the Naha District Public Prosecutors Office with the U.S. military member named as suspect on the charge of murder. On Sept. 6, the Naha District Public Prosecutors Office decided not to indict the suspect due to the suspect’s death.


The allegation is that the suspect killed the woman (then 44-year-old), who was his former girlfriend, by stabbing her in the neck and face multiple times with knife in a bedroom of the apartment, and then committed suicide himself.

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